About us

Yildirim M., the founder of GGA, is in the business of private security since 1986.  Mr. M. loves what he does and is meticulous.  He has been trained in the US and the UK in many aspects of private security such as Smith & Wesson, Hekler & Koch, Asis.

The GGA team are professionals with law enforcement, armed forces, or carefully selected individuals with extensive training in private security.  The company provides 24 hour bodyguarding services and event security according to international criteria.

GGA personnel is continuously being trained in security matters and is committed to deliver highest levels of service to a demanding clientele.  The company is well connected with law enforcement agencies and complementary service providers at local and international levels. 

GGA offers customized seminars to individuals and corporate clients to increase security consciousness. 

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Code of Ethics

"Safety is first, security is necessary." 

"Trust, but verify."

  1- Respect the client  

  • Be loyal, be professional
  • Commit yourself fully to the job at hand
  • Respect privacy, safeguard confidential information,  be discreet
  • Prepare, forsee, use precaution
  • Be patient
  • Be trustworthy, truthful, decisive and fast
  • Exude confidence and integrity
  • Employ best effort

2- Respect potential adversaries

  • Observe carefully
  • Expect preparedness
  • Exercise role playing

3- Respect yourself

  • Be in best psychological, mental, physical shape
  • Be well equipped
  • Improve all aspects all the time
  • Be practical and observant
  • Learn; exercise, minimize risks
  • Exercise highest moral values
  • Act honorably
  • Be positive, persuasive, and firm
  • Dress & act appropriately

4- Respect passers-by

  • Observe the rights of others

5- Respect law authorities

  • Observe the law of the land

6- Respect the team

7- Respect the security community

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IALEFI – International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors www.ialefi.com

ASIS – American Society for Industrial Security

IACP – International Association of Chiefs of Police

ASLET – American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers

GESIDER – Association for Security Industry & Professionals

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Travel advisory

US Consulate in Istanbul

Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets from US departmant of state
   /   http://travel.state.gov/turkdrv.html

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Foreign and Commonwealth Office UK - Travel Advice -

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Please contact employment@ggasecurity.com for all employment opportunities.

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Integrity of e-mails

If you are sending us e-mails, we thought you should be aware of the following: 

  E-mails are not safe.

The e-mails you send can be intercepted.  Moreover, we cannot be sure that it is really coming from you.  Therefore, if you would like to assure us that you are YOU, than please send us digitally signed e-mails.

We prefer digitally signed e-mails.

There are a number of  companies issuing digitial certificates that would confirm to us that you are YOU.  These companies can be accessed in the following web sites: www.verisign.com, www.globalsign.com, etc.  The cost of a personal digital certificate (valid for 12 months) is about $20.  

An e-mail that is digitally signed would tell us that you are YOU.  However, it could still be intercepted and be read.  If you would like send an e-mail that cannot be read, then you need to send it encrypted.

Encrypted e-mails are safe.

In order for you to be able to send an encrypted e-mail, you should first have a digital certificate.  Once you have a digital certificate, then you should first send us a message simply indicating that you would like to send us encrypted messages.  We would then add your name to our “safe” list.  (You also have to add our address to your “safe” list. ) From then on, all the messages you send signed and encrypted will be practically undecipherable even if they are intercepted.

Please pay attention not to include any non-English letters or characters in your text or message subject as with some web servers this causes errors messages.

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GözGezArpacık Güvenlik Servisleri Ltd.
Istiklal Cad. No.108 Kat.5 Beyoglu 34430 Istanbul - Turkey
Tel. +90 (212) 251 12 70 - +90 (212) 251 12 76
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