Security consultants

GGA offers security consultancy to individuals and corporations. The team examines each location in detail and offers customized suggestions and treat each project with utmost confidentiality.



  • Financial institutions
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Private and public facilities
  • VIP residences


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Special services

Threat assessment, risk analysis, due diligence, corporate theft or fraud, periphery control, inspection and training of systems and staff, suggestion of security equipment, chemical-biological-radiological threat assesment, surveillance and counter-surveillance measures, private investigations, render safe measures, drug testing, background investigations, security methodologies, disaster planning, emergency planning & procedures, contingency planning, and seminars.

Executive protection program is the ultimate customized security service GGA
provides.  An extensive review of the individual's life styles including their living and working quarters, itineraries are studied.  Customized plans are offered to concerned individuals.

For a personalized study please contact: 

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Please contact for for security consulting services.


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