VIP Bodyguards

Since 1995 GGA offers 24 hour bodyguarding services to individuals at-risk.  Multi-lingual agents (upon demand) are rigorously trained to anticipate, recognize, analyze, and neutralize risks before they become threats.  Each project is treated with utmost confidentiality.  Special attention is given to observe the privacy of clients before, during, or after services.

GGA team members are screened for a highest degree of psychological, mental and physical ability.  The agents are selected only if they carry the highest ethical values. Each have armed forces, r law enforcement experience, or are specially selected individuals who are continuously trained to the highest professional standards by the best in the industry.

For comprehensive executive protection program (EPP) please refer to Security Consultants page.

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Foreign representatives

  • Royal family member

Business leaders

  • President of a multinational textile company
  • CEO of a telecom company
  • Chairman of an multinational FMCG company
  • President of a multinational software company


  • Hollywood stars
  • Musicians

Other high-profile individuals

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Special services

Threat assessment, inspection of systems and staff, armored vehicles, private investigations, legal and medical assistance, accommodation, business services, guided tours, transport of valuable goods, contingency planning, and seminars.


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